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The Institute for Youth Development (IYD) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization founded in 1996 dedicated to ensuring the best possible future for America's children by promoting positive choices and behaviors.

IYD is unique in its commitment to a comprehensive risk-avoidance message regarding major risk behaviors among youth: alcohol, drugs, sex, tobacco, and violence. Based on data showing unquestionable linkages between these behaviors, IYD promotes a consistent, comprehensive risk-avoidance message for all these behaviors. IYD believes that if parents and adults provide children and teens with consistent risk-avoidance messages, young people are capable of choosing to avoid these behaviors altogether.

While the risk behaviors of some young people are cause for serious concern, IYD believes it is also important to recognize that a majority are making the right choices every day. Empowered by positive relationships with parents and other concerned adults who provide consistent guidance, most youth are making healthy decisions.

The Institute for Youth Development (IYD) affirms the choices of young people who are avoiding risk behaviors - while also encouraging those who have participated in risk behaviors to avoid them in the future. IYD believes that reaching our children with sound messages at vulnerable ages can spare them personal tragedies, and help them enjoy happier and healthier lives.

  • IYD provides parents, government and community leaders, and youth workers with information and resources so they may successfully promote and communicate a comprehensive risk-avoidance message to youth.
  • IYD conducts original research and compiles outside research on youth attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and behaviors.
  • IYD helps create sound public policy that promotes youth risk avoidance.
  • IYD evaluates current government and private programs addressing these issues.

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